For clients or patients in which travel is difficult or those patients that respond better in their home environment, SCVR provides in home veterinary rehabilitation. Spa City Vet Rehab relies entirely upon veterinary referrals for cases involving lameness, neuromuscular ailments or dysfunction, injury and post operative healing, as well as weight management and athletic conditioning. At SCVR, we strive to:

  • Provide thorough, personalized veterinary physical rehabilitation in a comfortable, familiar in-home environment
  • Work with the owner to develop a program to improve their pets overall health, quality of life and aid in their recovery
  • Provide veterinarians with a means to provide their patients with more comprehensive and current veterinary care without referral to another clinic
  • Provide timely, cohesive complementary treatments provided on the farm in conjunction with traditional treatments implemented by the primary veterinarian
  • Provide compassionate, personalized care for each patient and client
Spa City Veterinary Rehabilitation provides patient-centered care and rehabilitation to the following groups:

  • Post-operative patients
  • Neurologic patients
  • Agility/performance and working dogs
  • Geriatric dogs
  • Overweight dogs
  • All types of horses