First Appointment

The First Appointment

Prior to setting up your first appointment, please have your veterinarian fill out the referral form and then complete the client form. During the initial appointment, a complete history of your pet will be taken with detailed questions. A thorough evaluation will then be performed. This may include:

  • Gait analysis
  • Posture/conformation evaluation
  • Joint range of motion and measurement
  • Muscle flexibility
  • Muscle girth measurements
  • Joint mobility
  • Neurologic evaluation

Your understanding of your dog's dysfunction is important for compliance with the rehabilitation program. The findings of the examination will be explained and any questions answered so that you can have a better understanding of your pet's problems and how you, the owner, can be a part of their rehabilitation.

The appropriate treatments and modalities will then be applied and appropriate home exercises demonstrated. Under the supervision of Dr. Perez, you will practice these exercises until you feel comfortable performing them on your own. Written exercise instructions will also be provided for reference.

We will develop and discuss an individualized plan of care that includes specific treatment procedures, frequency of treatment, and need for rechecks if necessary. This plan will fit the needs of your pet and your capabilities. The first appointment will generally take 1 ½ hours, but can be longer or shorter depending on the pet’s needs.

Just as in human physical therapy, there are no set timelines for how long rehabilitation will be necessary. Each pet is an individual and will progress differently. We will set goals at the initial assessment that can be modified as necessary over the course of treatment to get the best possible results.